How to Set Up and Order Valpak Advertising

Valpak is a direct marketing company that sends postcards and packets of discount Valpak coupons to local consumers. Valpak direct mail forms the traditional basis of the company’s operations. Local businesses may increase traffic to brick-and-mortar stores by purchasing Valpak advertising to send out local discount coupons or solo postcards to consumers. Businesses interested in increasing their local presence and profitability can check out the Valpak website to see the range of Valpak direct marketing offers. Businesses that need ad design can also purchase the design from Valpak design professionals when calling to place a Valpak advertising order. First, check out Valpak’s advertising opportunities on its website (see Sources). You will find that Valpak, like most advertising companies nowadays, has also ventured into Internet marketing in addition to its traditional platform of direct marketing and direct mail. Scroll over the “Products/Services” link in the top menu. You will see links to the three main types of Valpak advertising – Cooperative Mail, Direct Mail and Digital Products. You can click on additional links to find out more about each type of advertising. You may get a summary of the three types of Valpak advertising below. Cooperative mail goes out in an envelope with ads from other local companies. Cooperative mail essentially consists of the Valpak coupons. You may have Valpak design the coupons for you when you place an order. Although your coupon appears in the same envelope with other advertisers’ coupons, you pay much less when ordering cooperative mail from Valpak. You may wish to run a test with cooperative mail before engaging in a Valpak Direct Mail offer. The Valpak Direct Mail offer is like a solo ad. It is a postcard that goes out by itself instead of in a packet like the cooperative mail. Of course, you will pay more per postcard than when using cooperative mail. However, you may get much more exposure than when competing against other advertisers when using cooperative mail. The Valpak Digital Products offer consists of image ads on the Valpak website and some search engines. The Digital Products offer is obviously going to be for businesses that have a website. You can promote to web surfers to get more traffic to your site by ordering a Digital Products package. Note: This article is a “how to” article dealing with how to learn about and order Valpak advertising, not a review article on Valpak advertising. Advertising carries risks, and you would be wise to consider the risk involved before investing heavily in any advertising campaign. In short, the Valpak Cooperative Mail and Direct Mail are geared toward local companies that need to increase the number of customers walking in the door of their local shop. The Digital Products advertising offer is geared more toward businesses that have an online website or a local store plus an online website. After deciding what kind of Valpak advertising you are interested in ordering, go ahead and click the “Contact Us Now” image on the Valpak advertising page (see Sources). You will then enter a zip code to find local contact information for Valpak. If the company does not do business in your area, you will get a toll-free number to call. Note that Valpak does not release its advertising costs on the website. You need to call and ask about pricing when you consider purchasing Valpak advertising. Sources: Valpak Advertising Page