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Surf Music Hall Of Love



It’s Manglio Bertolucci’s Surf Band, Off The Wall!
The Orbitals: lo-fi, lo-quality, hi-noise
The Original Surfaris (Phil Dirt Review)
Swedish surf-band – The Outsiders!


The Penetrators Mission Control
The Phantom Surfers Great Surf Crash of 97
Phono-Comb Fresh Gasoline
From Outer Space via Berlin, it’s Plan 9!
Plank, for the above average schmoe
From Ottawa, it’s Polaris! (un-official)
Pollo Del Mar‘s Surf Page!


Cosmic Surf, Garage, and Rawk & Roll – it’s The Quasimen!


The Raybeats at Bar/None Records
From Germany, it’s The Razorblades!
From Siberia, it’s The Red Elvises!
From Belgium, the original Reefrider!
The Revels at UBL
Absolute Surf & Twang, with The Reventlos!
Little Rock’s one and only southern fried surf/instro combo – The Reverburritos!
For that vintage So-Cal beach experience, it’s The RoyalTones!
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rutabagas!


Instrumental Surf Spy-Fi Spaghetti Space Cowboy Experimental Art Rock: The Sandblasters!
The Pilgrimage – Satan’s Pilgrims
Saturnalia surf rock of an unknown kind!
Sawney Bean Aloha From the Interzone!
Seks Bomba: Operation B.O.M.B.A.!
Servotron Robots will Rule the Earth!
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet On A Shadowy Web
For Psycho-Surfabilly, it’s The Sherman Hillside Stranglers!
The Fuzz-O-Phonic Sounds of The Silencers!
Simon & The Bar Sinisters at AMG
The Sir Finks at Wildebeest Records, or via email!
The Slackmates @ zptduda music
The Incredible Slacktone!
Southern Culture On The Skids Plastic Seat Sweat –
The unholy union between flesh & vinyl!
Here’s The Space Cossacks‘ well, unofficial website
The contemporary vintage sounds of Splashback!
Split Screen Chihuahuas: funky surf and retro rock!
“Let the chicks fall where they may” The Sprague Brothers
Squid Vicious Up from the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean…
Stinky Pete Instumental Surf
The Strangemen The Strangemen Home Page
Surrender to the Velvet Undertow with The Sub-Mersians!
The Supersonicos from Montevideo, Uruguay!
From Japan – The Incredibly Amazing Surf Coasters!!
The Surfaris Homepage
The Surf Kings – Surf Nouveau!
Surf Nation Where Music Rules!
Surf Report Home Page
The Surf Trio Page
The Surfin’ Lungs – The Beach Will Never Die!
The Surfin’ Tones – Totally Radical Surf Classics!
This is Susan & The Surftones‘ Web Page


Look up “cool” in the dictionary,
& you’ll find Teisco Del Rey! (also see Del Rey)
From Beyond, They Came From Beyond!
From Austin, Texas, the incredible 3 Balls Of Fire!
From Maine, It’s 13ghosts!
The Instromonumental Sounds of… Tiki Tones
From Melbourne Australia, it’s The Tommys!
The Torpedoes Gig Site
The Torpedoes Good for the Country
The Torquays A Date With The Torquays!
Joe Toto’s Surf ‘n’ Swing MIDI compositions!
The Trashmen at Sundazed Records
The Trashwomen at Grunnen Rocks…
The Treblemakers from Montreal
The Treble Spankers From The Netherlands!
The Tube Sharks are here!
From Berlin, it’s The Twangs Sirens!
Tyrskykitarat from Finland


The Ultras at IUMA
Show Me The Untamed Youth!
Urban Surf Kings For The Atomic Age!
The Surf and Hot Rod Sounds of Gary Usher!


The Ventures Official Home Page!
The Ventures Japanese Home Page
The VibroCounts Second Home!
For high energy surf, it’s VoodooCourt!


The Waistcoats from Groningen, the Netherlands!
Way Out West Surf, Rockabilly, and Rock & Roll from Germany!
From Lakewood, California, it’s The Wedge
Surf’s up, with The Wet-Tones!
The Woodies Surf Page!
Link Wray‘s Net Shack
Link Wray‘s Place


The X-Rayons From Chapel Hill, NC.


From Brazil 2001… Bernard Yin!


The Ziggens Z I G G E N A T I O N !

 new wave

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